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We periodicaly order in batches to avoid small order charges. All savings are passed to our members as we don't charge any mark up.

All kit orders are managed by Ian Davenport. After joining the club, you will be given Ian's mobile number. All orders are done via text with Ian.

Bioracer Quality

We have chosen to partner with Bioracer as the supplier, a Belgium based company with a rich heritage in the sport. Ken Jones is the sole UK distributor for Bioracer.

In addition to the items shown below, we can order any item from the Bioracer website.




Race Proven Short Sleeved Jersey


Team Summer Mits


Race Proven Skin Suit Long Sleeved Caro Flatlock


Professional Short Sleeve Jersey

The Quadri jersey with short sleeves is light and comfortable. As a result this shirt is much appreciated by competitive cyclists. Low weight and the accompanying wearing comfort is therefore also very important for this bicycle category. With the Quadri shirt, Bioracer combines the lightness of Cool Light fabric with the durability of Airtex fabric. This mono-elastic fabric that is used has a positive effect on the perfect fit of the shirt. Finished with three rear pockets and with a long lockable zipper. 


Professional Long Sleeve Jersey

The fabric used for the long sleeve Isolation sweater has a high insulation value which helps the body to better maintain its ideal temperature. Additionally this fabric has optimum ventilation and perspiration wicking properties and, as a result, the shirt is always dry. This ensures that the wonderfully soft Isolation long sleeve sweater is always comfortable and light, even with cooler temperatures. Finished with three rear pockets and a long lockable zipper.


Professional Gillet WindBlock Zip Pocket (Black)

This sleeveless Bioracer Body is manufactured from the lightweight Windblock fabric. This elastic fabric blocks wind, is water-resistant and keeps the body temperature at a good level. Thanks to its lightweight structure, this body can fold up into a tiny package and easily be included as extra clothing in the rear pocket of a sweater. Finished with a long lockable zipper.


Race Proven Winter Jacket (blue, pixilated)

The Race Proven Winter Jack is a highly insulative winter training jack with strategically placed Pixel 100 inserts. This 100% windproof fabric provides superior wind protection, even when you’re training at a lower pace and intensity. The outer layer of this fabric is reflective and provides maximum visibility in the dark, for improved rider safety.

Standard Version


Race Proven Bib Shorts Caro Flatlock

The classic elastic textile type Lycra which is used for the bib shorts guarantees the best wearing comfort. If the maintenance instructions are followed closely these bib short will offer much cycling pleasure.

To keep the shorts properly in place, the trouser legs are finished with a special irritation free anti-slip border. The shorts are also held up with the elastic eyelet straps and allow complete freedom to move. An exceptional finishing quality coupled with maximum freedom of movement.


Race Proven Bib Tights Winter Combi Tempest

These winter cycling tights are made from a fabric that has been treated with an Isofilm-membrane. Isofilm is one of the best insulating textile membranes that makes a garment made of this material water and windproof and bi-elastic. These properties ensure that the tights insulate well and store warmth. The fabric used in this cycling tights allows optimal ventilation from inside to outside. An enjoyable wearing comfort and a good freedom of movement are also guaranteed. While this long anti-bacterial treated cycling tights is very efficient in cold weather, it is also easy to maintain.


Race Proven Bib Tights Winter Combi Tempest, With Pad

The Race Proven Bibtight is one of our key developments for 2014-2015

This bibtight is specifically designed for racing and high intensity training in mild Winter and cold weather (5°C-18°C). The athletic cut of this bibtight ensures a good freedom of movement. 

It’s entirely made of Bioracer’s Tempest, an insulative, breathable fabric with a water repellency treatment. This carefully chosen fabric is warm enough to protect against cold, wind and rain but at the same time light enough to prevent the rider from overheating when temperatures get warmer. 

The trouser ends are finished with an anatomically cut ankle band, to keep everything perfectly in place.



Team Arm Warmers Temp. Control

The insulated, temperature-control stretch-fabric in these Arm Warmers makes them pleasantly warm and water repellent, with 2-way breathable ventilation; and it offers incredible wearing comfort to boot. To keep the Arm Warmers securely in place, they are designed with a silicone anti-slip cuff near the biceps.


Team Leg Warmer Temp. Control (no zip)

Tickhill Velo Leg Warmers are manufactured from insulated, temperature-control stretch-fabric. These leg warmers are pleasantly warm and water repellent, with 2-way breathable ventilation, thereby making them incredibly efficient and comfortable to wear. 


Club Socks

Knitted from a blend of polyester and cotton the Top Sock is finished with a tightly fitting stretchable ankle band. The polyester/cotton blend and fiber structure still allow the feet optimal ventilation. Available in white, black, grey and various combinations in white with a yellow, blue, black or grey ankle and toe finish.


Lycra Overshoes (white)

Tickhill Velo Lycra Overshoes are manufactured from close-fitting, 4-way stretch fabric and can be put on tightly over cycling shoes, given their enormous elasticity. This particular Lycra material makes these overshoes fit aerodynamically, thereby preventing them from obstructing any range of motion. Also, the excellent breathability of the fabric ensures that the feet will always be properly ventilated. A heel-side zipper makes it even easier for getting these Team Lycra Overshoes on and off.


Winter Overshoes (blue)

Winter Overshoes are made of 4-way stretch neoprene and nylon material. Their remarkably stretchy, easy-fit design makes for a perfectly aerodynamic fit around the shoe. Getting them on and off is simple, since they only have a Velcro clasp situated behind the shoeplate. For added protection from water ingress, the seams are taped shut, and the overshoes have a waterproof, insulating cuff-guard.  Optimal ventilation from the inside out keeps the overshoe’s interior properly dry. The durable, Kevlar protection at the forefoot and heel also keeps the Winter Overshoes protected when walking.


Team Cap

These are currently in stock and available immediately.
The Summer Cap is a lightweight cotton summer cap and therefore absorbs sweat well, perfect to wear under a cycling helmet.

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