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Club Rides

During race season, we don't always have the same organised rides, due to a lot of the club participating in race events. The below rides happen pretty much every week in the off-season, with the exception of the Summer Chain Gang.

For more up to date information or to organise other rides, please start a conversation in our facebook group (members only).


Tuesdays | 18:00 | Hill session

The Tuesday ride is fairly hilly starting off from Ravenfield and goes around the Wentworth area. It can be a fairly intense workout.


Wednesdays | 18:00 | Summer Chain Gang

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Thursdays | 18:00 | 2 hours (ish)

This ride is aimed at a base/tempo session with a medium pace between 17 - 20mph


Saturday 09:30 | 3-5 hours

Saturdays all through winter we run a club ride of varying distance, usually between 3-5 hours, this peters off in summer as a lot of riders race however there is generally always something happening

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