Out of the Saddle Cycling Club (OOTS) was started by professional cycling brothers (and legends) Dean and Russell Downing, plus their good friend John Smith. This came off the back of the fund raising dinners Dean, Russ & John had put on to raise funds for charities that were important to them.

Since the club's inception in 2009, it has gone from strength to strength, with more than 80 members as of November 2015.

As a racing focused club we organise 3 races per season from Category 4 up to Elite level, attracting some of the UK'S best known cyclists. We still have the charity dinner annually, plus many more social events for the clubs members, such as the annual trip to Mallorca, OOTS Christmas party, pizza night at the Gardenroom in Braithwell and of course the now infamous Moonshine ride plus many more.

With many of our members joining to improve their racing abilities, 2015 has been an especially good year for the club, with 2 of our Junior members being scouted by supported teams for 2016, with one more narrowly missing out. Our senior members have also moved up through the categories thanks to the schooling that they have received from the club rides and the advice given to them from the experienced members.

Getting involved

We have a closed facebook group for members only and there are regular posts on there about different rides, plus the usual cycling club banter, so there is always something happening.  Many of the members also race in the local Thursday evening North Midlands Road Race League events, British Cycling organised road racers and time trials.

For more information on Joining us please contact us on Outofthesaddlecc@gmail.com